Bring The Fight to Game Night
A non-violent party game with all the fun of violence - and none of the assault charges!

The Goal: Attack and Injure Other Players

There are only three basic things you need to know to play the game:

During your turn, you can play Attack cards to try and injure the other players in the game.


If an Attack card lands on a player, they can play a Counter card to stop or redirect the Attack.


If an Attack card lands on a player, and isn't countered - that player draws an Injury card.


Three Injury cards, and a player is out of the game.
The last player standing wins!

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Download a free copy

Yes - a full version of Pass-a-Fist is available to you for free. You'll have to print it out and cut it up, though.

If you shudder at the thought of holding scissors for that long; we'll be launching a "ready-to-play" version of the game on Kickstarter soon. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list to get notified!

If you enjoy cutting things out of paper with scissors, then have we got a deal for you! For best results, we recommend printing on cardstock (80lb, at the very least). It's cost around $5 at your local print shop, and take around 30 minutes to slice up.

What's in the download file?
  • A instruction sheet (for instructional purposes)
  • 14 pages of card sheets (making up 168 total cards)